classes + workshops

Classes are a series of meetings with a thematic focus, while Workshops are stand-alone bookings. Rather than offer a “course” in which attendance would be sequentially recurring, we offer drop-in* classes to support your family’s schedule. Classes can be attended sequentially, or skipping a week (or even a month) here or there is perfectly fine. Our differentiated approach allows flexibility while still supporting incremental skill-building.

class packs

Class Packs are offered for a group of services with a volume discount. These services are recurring non-sequentially, meaning you can use the pack for whichever date is best for you, whenever you want to (providing we have an opening that day).


Memberships are offered for a group of services, often sequentially recurring and usually with a volume discount. For example, a single day of Crafter-School costs $35. A single-day/week Crafter-School membership averages between $20-$26 per day depending on the school dismissal time.

*drop-in refers to the nature of the schedule (e.g. drop in here and there) and pre-booking is strongly recommended to ensure availability.