FAQs, Policies+ Secrets To Our Universe

What's up with you and STEM?

Many educators believe that the focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) without inclusion of the Arts may stifle innovation. We've always believed in the importance of art education and exploration for its own merits, and that an artistic, curious approach the the sciences makes for better scientists.

How does playing with paper, fabric and yarn help someone learn? 

The manipulation of the materials used in our projects aids in both cognitive and physical development, including strengthening of the fine-motor skills so important in developing the ability to write. Participating in activities in a group environment allows time for social-emotional development, critical to school readiness. Even as adults these skills are important, keeping our minds fresh as we age. Our programs often require the use of math skills needed at all ages, such as sorting, counting, measuring and the basic mathematical functions (but don’t worry, we’ll let the grown-ups use a calculator if they prefer.)

What is spatial reasoning, anyway? 

In a nutshell, spatial reasoning is the ability to interpret pictures and form mental images, and to visualize movement or change in those images. A more complete answer involves detailed discussion of the powerful brain and lots of technical words, but you get the picture. Spatial reasoning at work is listening to or reading instructions and then visualizing in the mind the results of each step. At Wishcraft Workshop, it’s spatial reasoning at play. Come exercise your brain with us.

Can I register for a class after the beginning of a session? 

With the exception of some courses, our classes can be joined any time and need not be attended sequentially—you build your own schedule.

Can I drop in? 

Pre-registration for programs is suggested to avoid disappointment should you arrive and we not have space. If you do drop-in and it’s your first time, please have a back-up plan in case we are full and allow yourself enough time to complete the registration process.

Do I have to bring my own supplies? 

We will always provide supplies to get a course started and will provide a shopping list if all materials are not included. Classes that do not include supplies in the fee are marked as such. Everything you need other than personal textiles is provided.

For what ages are your programs appropriate? 

All drop-off programs require that children be 5 years old at minimum. Age ranges are clearly marked for all programs. and are suggestions—if you have an exceptional situation please contact us and together we can decide which program is the best fit.

You ask me for a lot of information. Why?

We ask for details not just to contact you in the event of an emergency but also to anticipate any needs of your child and to plan for the best experience possible. Please only list emergency contacts who live/work close enough to our location to be able to respond if your child needs to be picked up. Children will only be released to individuals listed on their registration form and ID will be required.

What if my child requires medicine?

An inhaler or other medication, including OTC medicines, must be accompanied by a doctor’s note and be passed to the grown-up in charge at the workshop at drop-off and taken home at pick-up. Our team is certified in CPR, First Aid and Basic Life Support. Some of our team is very familiar with the needs of children with T1D and can assist with calculations with your approval. Gluten and peanut-free snacks are available and gluten-free art supplies are available upon request.

What should the participant wear? 

That’s always our first question, too, no matter what the event! Programs for younger children may get creatively untidy, so please send your child in play clothes that you won’t mind seeing messy. If you are joining a child in a messy class or workshop, please consider your clothes as well. We believe that smocks and aprons contribute to distance between the student and the materials (and a false sense of security when it comes to staying "clean".) Dressing for mess is much more fun. (If we’ll be using our feet we provide a parent-pedi warning ahead of time.)

Are there make-ups for missed class meetings? 

Courses include incremental lessons that build on the learning of the previous meeting, and the instructor will make sure that the participant is taught the necessary steps for the current project in their next class meeting. Please call or email us beforehand to let us know of an upcoming absence so that we can make any possible adjustments. Missed course meetings may be made-up by joining the same or similar course type on a different day during the same session if space is available, or a for-fee private-lesson may be scheduled.

What happens if a program does not have sufficient enrollment?

While we reserve the right to cancel a program for any reason, it is extremely rare (like one on a million rare). You can help us make that never be the case by telling a friend about us.

I love the celebratory feel of the workshop. Can I have an event here even if it’s not crafty?

Not crafty? Why? Of course we would love to talk about your needs, whatever they are. The workshop is such a fun and colorful place that you may find the only decoration required is you.

What if I didn’t read the policies?

We do our best to post our policies for the world to see, and appreciate that you are reading them at this very moment. We are not able to assume responsibility if you did not read them prior to now. We honor our policies in the best interest of all parties.


Can I have a receipt for Dependent Care tax purposes? 

Please keep the original receipt/confirmation provided at the time of payment. Our FEIN number for Dependent Care expenses is 45-5212203 and your receipt should include this information. Personalized receipts for individual accountants are not available.

What does the workshop do to help protect the environment? 

We are always thinking about ways to protect our beautiful world for our children and their children. In addition to the basics of recycling, stocking supplies made with recycled content and using earth and people-friendly cleaning products, we are constantly exploring ways to creatively reuse items that already exist. Our programs often use natural or recycled materials. We invite your input and welcome your advice on how we can be the greenest, most colorful place in the neighborhood.

How can I pay for your services? 

  • We accept accept debit and credit cards, and payment may alternatively be made with PayPal. Personal checks are not accepted but PayPal offers a bank draft option at checkout.

  • A spot in our program can be reserved with payment in-full or with enrollment in our Lay-Away service. Payment in-full is required before the class or event begins. PayPal offers a Bill Me Later service.

Tell me about your refund policy.

  • Registration for a class, camp or workshop may be transferred to a friend—please let us know in advance so that we may send them registration forms and anything else they may need to know.

  • FULL CREDIT ON ACCOUNT with Wishcraft Workshop is provided for cancellation of summer camp if written notice is received with 28 days prior to the program’s start date. Program dates may be changed using our scheduling system or by contacting us with your preferred date with a minimum of 7 days notice (please note- expired discounts/promotions may not apply to the new registration transaction and the new date cannot be guaranteed).

  • Date changes for week-long camps may be made 7 or more days before the camp begins.

  • For single day programs, cancellations or changes require 48-hours written notice prior to the start date for a date change or full credit on account.

  • Credits on account do not expire and can be used for any product or service. 

  • Registration for a missed private or small-group activity is not refundable and may not be transferred to another date/time as a specific date/time/instructor is reserved just for you. The latter also applies to birthday party deposits and to students removed from a program for lack of respect of other student's well-being.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

We sure do and it’s 10% off each subsequent registration for the same date/time.

Can I hire the Wishcraft Workshop staff for babysitting?

We strongly discourage our team from babysitting for families in order to keep roles and responsibilities at work as clear possible for both the staff and for the children. Thank you for asking and for your cooperation.

Why are “manners” a policy the workshop?  

An atmosphere of respect contributes to a safer environment, as well as provides the space to create without judgment. Behavior that is not in alignment with basic respect for the well-being of others will be brought to the attention of the parent/caregiver and may result in removal from the program if the behavior persists.

Can I wait for my child at the workshop?

It’s like that mysterious power of the school nap—how do teachers get everyone to sleep? Unless otherwise specified, all of our programs are drop-off. Children over 5 years seem to participate better in the group on their own, and taking a class without their parent nearby is a way to begin developing independence. We respectfully ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before the class to drop-off or pick-up your child. If you arrive before class begins, please allow yourself time to wait with your child until class time. Please pick-up your child at the published dismissal time.

What if I’m late to pick up my child?

Our late pick-up charge is $15 for any portion of the first 10 minutes and then $1 per minute thereafter. This fee must be paid at pick-up and prior to any additional programs. After-care through 6pm is available for camp days.

I’ve always wanted to learn __________.  Do you have a class for that? 

We are always looking for new projects and materials and would love to hear your ideas. We offer private and small-group lessons for those who don’t have the time to commit to a full session or for those who want to learn something not currently scheduled. Just ask and we are likely able to show you how or refer you to another expert (we can host a workshop to learn something new together.)

Can I take pictures of the gorgeous workshop? 

Using a camera for video or stills of your child in the workshop is always welcome. Using a camera for video or stills of the workshop and/or the Wishcraft Workshop team and/or other participants is not permitted. Using video for any purpose, including personal, requires explicit written consent.

Have another question? We’re right here.