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the morning social

Consider this another incredibly flexible resource for your education community.

The Morning Social, offered every weekday 10am-1pm, is designed for children ages 5-12 not attending a traditional day-school to meet and socialize with other kids while exploring the arts (yes, it includes sewing, and also paint and music and...) and how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) intersects with the arts. Our approach is different and integrates subjects, when appropriate and interesting, within the art. And we also make art for art’s, and your child’s, sake.

We make things, we experiment, we lunch together. We play with wave-length and stitch-length, flexibility and miscibility, automation and celebration, parallelism and pointillism, citizenship and artisanship... We learn with open-ended projects, get kinda messy, make new friends and grow our creative voices. Together we build capability and compassion to create opportunity and solve problems big and small, globally and locally.

Book a single day here and there or buy a multi-visit pack for bulk pricing. Get in touch for group pricing. Another perk— the multi-visit packs can also be used for any weekday Crafternoon, 4pm-6pm.

Crafter-School Family Announcements:

  • please use crafterschool {at} wishcraftworkshop {dot} com to send a message to the Crafter-School team.

  • bring a new friend to Crafter-School and you get a credit equivalent to 10% of your friend's initial purchase. This can be done multiple times- 2 new friends sign up for the session, and you get 2 credits. Don’t you love math? Friends must be new to the Crafter-School program.

"To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of the arts." -Henry David Thoreau

How is Crafter-School™ different from other programs?

  • We operate with a culture of do’s rather than don’ts, and believe in the capabilities of each student to do their best and encourage positive support of one another. Our focus on self-awareness builds confidence and respect, develops self-regulation and self-advocacy and strengthens conflict-resolution and communication skills. We grows artists, thinkers and good citizens.

  • Our deliberately small program size creates a nurturing environment with kid-favorable ratios. Children from throughout the City get to know one another. We get to know your family and your child and their needs and interests (even if it includes saxophone practice.)

  • Constructive behavior is modeled, and kids are given opportunities to develop their own social emotional and leadership skills, including participation in student-driven clubs (e.g. baking, band, entrepreneurialism, craftivism..) and individualized SEL goals.

  • Creatively, we value the process of exploration and experimentation over the product. Materials are explored, techniques are demonstrated, and throughout an opportunity to stretch, grow and creatively problem- solve is created. 

  • Our environment includes two large open workshop spaces, a kitchen and is walking distance to local parks and playlots. For the colder months, we have a fireplace.

  • We understand busy parents and utilize technology to make staff (and your kids!) available to parents by mobile phone, text messaging and email.

  • Good, planet-friendly cleaning practices create a safe environment for those students with even the most severe allergies or intolerance.

It starts with the art™. 

Crafter-School fees are excluded from promotional offers and discounts unless specified otherwise in the promotion.