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After-School Classes

Classes for ages 5-12 offer super-flexible scheduling and are drop-off 430pm-6pm weekdays. Projects and activities are scaled to ability, learning goals, number of planned visits or just for fun. Register for a single class or use a class pack: class packs span both semesters so you really can pick and choose and never worry about missing a day, scheduling a make-up or changing minds.

  • Come once per week for the same class (then switch anytime if there’s space).

  • Come once per week and try different classes each week.

  • Come multiple times in a week to try various classes.

  • Join anytime--start and pause whenever works for you.

  • Skip a week or three...let it be stress fee and easy.

That’s convenient dabbling! Just pre-register for the date to ensure a spot. [These same funordinary activities are part of our Crafter-School after-school program. Want to learn more?]

drop-in Crafternoons.

5-Visit No Plan, No Problem Drop-In Crafternoon Pass
Choose your own adventiure! This pass can be used to drop-in for single visits to School-Year Crafternoons 4pm-6pm, and those offered throughout the summer season, 330pm-6pm.

Brownie and Girl Scout Troop Badge Central

Brownies and Girl Scouts looking for an outing or an opportunity to learn and earn (a new badge, that is)? Contact the workshop to plan your troop’s creative adventure.

Private and Small-Group Lessons

Do you know someone with a sewing machine who doesn’t know how to use it? Just need a 30-minute refresher on how to cast-on? Or someone who would love to start and complete a project with a little help and support?  Prices start at $45.

sew spooky costume class 2019

sew spooky 2019

To boo or not to boo, that is the question. The Sew Spooky One-Stop Custom Costume Shop is back for its 10th year. Kids ages 7+ learn to sew, craft and infuse with spirit the costume of their dreams. Our scheduling supports the full breadth of your student’s bespoke costume while giving you a break on the after-school shuffle—choose one October weekend workshop date and one Crafternoon. No driving around looking for costume parts and no back-and-forth for a multi-week class— efficient, fun and fantastic. All materials included and no experience required. Click here to claim their Sew (not necessarily) Spooky spot.

Stitched Together | A Year of Making

2-hour art and craft workshops on the weekends to support Chicago families making and playing together. Recommended for ages 7+ but please do register if you believe your child to be ready.

  • November 2, 2019 We’re making mixed-textile portraits (don’t let the simple description fool you!) to celebrate the family and friends for whom we're grateful.

  • November 16, 2019 We’re practicing sashiko mending and using the duplicate-stitch to kick up sweater knits (bring your own jeans and/or sweater, or learn the techniques on our samples).

  • December 14, 2019 We’re making beret caps with personality by using appliqué and embroidery in this 2-hour workshop--make one for yourself or make one as a gift.

  • January 18, 2020 We’re working in family-teams to make collaborative abstract paintings.

  • February 15, 2020 We’re sharing the love with textile hearts to keep or give.

  • March 14, 2020 We’re making tiny terrariums with succulents even hardier than their flora-selves.

  • April 18, 2020 We’re using hammers to make beautiful and natural art for Spring.

  • May 16, 2020 We’re sculpting and painting mini anthropomorphic planters.

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