What's Next And Why Not? Your Creative Adventure Starts Here

When a company is started explosively out of a mission compelled, with no obvious foreshadowing of a plan, you don't get to pick up a guide book and follow the instructions. You jump in and ask questions later or you scare yourself out of doing it. To have carefully considered every activity and decision that might have been required of me would likely have sent me back to my previous career in a large corporation with lots of support departments and a water-cooler that always seemed to refill itself. But now I understand the strength of my own creative courage. And I know this-- I'm impulsive. I'm always asking "why not?" and "what's next?" I like to make a decision, to go-go-go, and in our business I'm always asking "what else can we do to support families and to support the creative growth of our community?" (You may already know how I feel about creative practice and play fostering our ability to solve problems, small and big problems, local and global problems.)  But here's the challenge-- I just can't stop! We now have so many programs, so many flavors of fun, that some families don't know where to start. So we've created a cheat sheet to help. But here's the thing...I'm still asking, "what's next?"What do you think? Should we keep going, keep growing? Are you ready to do the same?"I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it."– Pablo Picasso