Baby Drive-Thru at MommyCon Chicago!

We were recently invited by MommyCon founder Xza Louise Higgins to lead the art activities at the MommyCon Chicago event. We're pros at this stuff and in preparation we thought about the event and who would be there-- play to your audience, right? Play WITH your audience! We knew there would be a ton of baby-wearing and we conceived (ha! the puns are too easy!) of a project that would be both collaborative for parents and their littles while not requiring worn or even sleeping babies to be unwrapped. Hence was born our Baby Drive-Thru Art Studio. Parents started at one end of a table of supplies with at least one naked baby foot, painted the little sole, stamped a footprint, cleaned up well with a babyganics wipe (or three!) and moved along to add their own fingerprint to the work using the amazingly rich and smooth crayons supplied by Nova Natural. With the older children we made custom lacing cards in our Sew Sew Sew Your Boat activity and silly photo props in the Wise Disguise area. Our hands were mostly messy but we were able to capture some snappy snaps (gallery below.) [We were not compensated by MommyCon nor any of their sponsors. All mention here speaks to the true and authentic impression made on us. "Impression"-- I've got to stop with the puns.]Kristina and some of her Wise DisguisesKristina and I genuinely and deeply enjoyed interacting with the families and of course all of those beautiful nuggets. We painted baby feet, dads' hands and messy toddler fingers (it adds texture). We saw some grown-ups jump right in with that final step in the Drive-Thru project and some grown-ups struggle a little to let their imaginations loose, the latter of which reminds us again why we do what we do. We grow artists who are confident and curious, who look at a footprint and say, "hey, that looks like a _______, _______ or _______." Kids start out this way. We all start out this way. It's our job, all of our jobs, to help them stay this way.If you're in Chicago, have a little one and think messy is a great way to learn and play (at least for 45 minutes every once in a while), please join us for a Merry Pop-Ins Marvelous Morning. You can drop-in for a day here or there or get a 5- or 10-visit membership. If we saw you at MommyCon, thanks for stopping by and it was nice playing with you. If we have yet to meet you, we can't wait.Candice Rainbow Border CircleWish while you work, friends.Candice