Last Minute Gifts For Creative Chicago Kids

Wishcraft Workshop Gift Certificate for art class, sewing lessons, summer camps, craft workshops[A short little gift guide that looks like it includes just a few things but really can't be measured at all.]

This is so easy. You know how giving a gift certificate allows the recipient to choose their gift. What if you could double that fun by giving not only the choice of which type of program (class, camp, workshop, party, private lesson...) but also the best fun of all-- what we should make? Choosing materials, designing something awesome with our open-ended approach to creativity that shuns, even forbids, pre-fab kits and stickers and stuff like that. You can do just might have to scroll down a crafty happy art classes sewing lessons kids chicago wishcraft t-shirtscafepress shop Gift guide including gift certificates for camps, sewing lessons, art classes, craft workshops and other creative programs for Chicago kids and families.Want something fun to give along with the experience that a gift certificate brings? Check out all of our new merchandise right here.And lastly, get ideas and inspiration from our "give it" board on Pinterest. You'll find handmade gifts to buy and small things to make by hand.Gift Certificates (full-price) do not expire. Gift Certificates purchased with a promotional offer have a one-year expiration date associated with the promotional value and the purchase value never expires.

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