Fashion, Sewing and Design Camps for Chicago Kids

Fashion, Sewing and Design Camps for Chicago Kids Grades K-8. K-8?!deals coupons wishcraft chicago

You've heard by now that Summer 2015 at The Wishcraft Workshop is Spoolhouse Rock™..all Project Wishcraft, all the time. (Are you old enough to remember that MTV promo?) Did you wonder:

  • where did the little kid camps go?
  • will my 12 year-old be babysitting the Kindergarteners?
  • how will kids of all ages really get to have a creative experience that is right for their age and interests?

learn to sew at summer camp at the Wishcraft Workshop in ChicagoHere's how it works. Each Project Wishcraft Camp is open to students Grades K-8. In camp students are grouped with their peers into one of the following groups led by a dedicated Creative Counselor :The Starry Stitchers (approximate ages 5-6 years)The Pedal Pushers (approximate ages 7-8 years)The Seamster Squad (approximate ages 9-10 years)The Stellar Sewphisticates (approximate ages 11-13 years)Groups travel separately through a variety of creative lessons and experiences. Small groups get to know one another. We get to know your camper and their needs and interests. Students get to know their Counselor while enjoying the expertise (and personalities!) of all our amazing instructors and guest speakers. All campers enjoy the stylish fun and have a machine-sewing and learning experience (from independent to adult-assisted) with their peers while having access to the entire facility. Our weekly camp curriculum also takes full advantage of our big, beautiful space (two-floors), additional technology, materials and high-end sewing equipment and proximity to parks and outdoor spaces.sewing camp, fashion camp, art camp, summer camp chicagoCamps starts June 8 (half-day 9am-12pm with after-care through 6pm) and full-day camp (9am-3pm with afternoon programming through 6pm) follows through September 4, 2015. Click here for complete camp descriptions or if you're ready to register (and use your EARLY10 code for a 10% discount before February 15!), start by creating a customer account here. Or click here for a printable PDF of the schedule to take to your next coffee date with friends! If you can't wait for summer, get a taste over Mid-Winter or Spring Break-- registration is open! Sew many choices. register for camp button[Read more about the bennies of our new registration system here.][Read more about all the news about Summer 2015 here.]