Excite! Excite! Welcome To Our New Site!

As a CIO "retired' for almost 5 years now, it's been a while since I've used the word "replatform". Really the only replatforming I've done since then is change out of one pair of wedges and into another. Until now. This is my story of a website migration (how fun!)For someone with the professional experience of which I am sometimes surprised to recollect, the entire history of wishcraftworkshop.com is kind of silly. I was so moved to create a space in which everyone could be creative in a way that was right for them that I skipped the business-plan step and went straight to the launch-a-website step. As a Mac user, iWeb was too easy. And right or wrong, it worked. It was easy to build, easy to maintain and usually played nice across all browsers and devices (I think!) Best of all, the developer that could make a change was available any time day or night (and she came cheap.)Then comes the cloud. Apple started sending messages to its user community some time ago advising that iCloud had arrived and that it would change their world. Change is right. (I'll leave the iCloud marketing to Apple, however.) Between the cracks of the iCloud benefits was some dirt that couldn't be swept up )you know that kind that gets stuck between the planks of the wood floor and can only be sucked up with a vacuum?) The dirt-- iWeb websites would no longer be hosted by Apple and the iWeb software was no longer shipped with iLife nor supported by Apple. Ouch. Double-ouch. So what's a girl to do? Procrastinate!Then along came the Creative Chicago Expo. I had been procrastinating for certain but also doing little tidbits of research in the wee morning hours. During that time I came to a conclusion that may be evident to those in the know, but to me it was hard won: WordPress. So back to the Expo. One of the speakers was presenting how to set-up an online store using WordPress. I introduced myself to the presenter before the seminar-- this was a Saturday. We became fast friends and by Tuesday morning wishcraftworkshop.com was on its way to its new home-- this was 3 weeks and 5 days ago. With the help of my new friend, I learned WordPress (and a slew of other technical details that continue to amaze me but I'm reluctant to get too comfortable lest our new site...explode!) and was on my way. If you are reading this, you are resting comfortably on one of our new webpages. Welcome.Along with the change in technology came an entirely new universe of functionality. I had admittedly allowed the ease of Apple's iWeb to keep wishcraftworkshop.com in stagnation. I can only hope that we've done a sufficient job in making the changes that you have suggested. We appreciate your comments over the years and look forward to more. Some of my favorite changes?

  • a perpetual slide-show of snapshots of friends and the projects they have made at the workshop
  • an online registration panel located right next to the description of the camp, class or workshop
  • calendars, everywhere
  • multi-level menus so our pages and multitude of offerings can be a little more organized
  • an integrated blog (goodbye wishcraftworkshop.blogspot.com)
  • a lovely list of some of the not-for-profit organizations and schools to which we routinely donate our crafty love.

Will you tell us what you think? We already have a long list of enhancements that we'll be making over time and would love to include your requests in that list.

  • Is anything missing?
  • Are too many things included?
  • How can we make the site easiest to use?
  • What would you like to see here?

So there it is, my story. At first I was afraid. I was petrified. Kept thinking iCould never like without iWeb by my side. And I've spent so many nights thinking how Apple did me wrong, but I grew strong and I learned how to get along and now I'm back, with new hosting space....(I could keep going, but I digress.)Upon receipt of that first tummy-dropping Apple store meeting that confirmed my suspicion about the lurking and not-oft spoken details of the iCloud change, my wish was for the change to just go away. But then I made another wish. And I made something.