Badge Central!

Chicago Summer of Learning at The Wishcraft WorkshopHave you heard about the City of Chicago's Summer of Learning program? It's a fun way to keep learning while school is out and to track those accomplishments in a "digital backpack."

See how science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) learning will rock the Windy City this summer. Can you guess what type of badges we will be awarding? Art, right? Surprise! There's a lot of Math and Engineering baked into the fun offered in our camps, workshops and afternoon summer programs.
Badge Name Program Name Grades
Fashion Fraction Action Tip Top Tops Camp,Curtsy Skirtsy Camp and Project Wishcraft Camps Grades 3-8
Chairman of the Bored Summer Crafternoon Workshops andPincushion Social Club Workshops Grades K-3 and 3-8
Math By Design Rad Rad Room Camps andSew Long Summer Camp Grades 3-8
Add Some Style Sew Fabulous Camps andAll Dolled Up Camps Grades K-3
Greengineering Colossal Cardboard Workshops and Summer Crafternoon Workshops Grades K-3

At kids can explore, play and and earn badges along the way.They can unlock exploratory challenges and make their own projects to add to their skills. They'll showcase their work at an end-of-summer event in Chicago, into the next school year and beyond.

Chicago Summer of Learning at The Wishcraft WorkshopJoin Mayor Rahm Emanuel in challenging local kids to participate in the Summer of Learning, Chicago's citywide effort to engage young people in hands-on learning. School stops for the summer, but learning never should. Click here to learn more about the Chicago Summer of Learning program and other badges that can be earned.