4 + 1 = $50! And $50 x 2 = $100

Have you heard our story? The day we opened our doors officially for business was Election Day 2008. Our first session of classes started November 17th of the same year. But a funny thing happened before we opened, literally while I was still covered in paint and in the middle of laying a new floor in the space. Someone dropped by and asked if we hosted birthday parties. Hmmm. The impulsive entrepreneurial novice hadn't even thought about offering birthday parties. So you can guess my answer, right? "Of course!" I gave her a tour of the space, watched that she didn't trip over my tools and bags from the hardware store and asked that she imagine what it would like with the floor complete and with, uh,  furniture. She booked a party to occur before our business was set to open and changed the course of our business (and my project plan and deadlines!)The birthday party requests continued to come and then we won the Nickelodeon Parents' Pick Award for Best Kids Party Place in Chicago. Families remarked that our parties were the easiest to plan and most relaxing to attend and that they were finally able to sit back and enjoy their child's celebration. Some kids started asking their parents for a Wishcraft Workshop party year after year. And we were having fun! It's fun to plan a project that is going to make a birthday guest-of-honor and her/his guests smile and really get into their creative heads and hearts. It's fun to lead a silly game. It's fun to make a mess like the messes we're not supposed to make at home. So we're in the birthday party business.Four years isn't usually a big milestone. Maybe it's that it follows our Presidential Election cycle, but four feels significant. We've never done a deal or discounted our parties. (Wait, I take that back. When the recession was particularly yucky we lowered our party prices so that more families had a choice and we've left the prices there.) But because I feel like celebrating, and because all of the Wishcateers are so grateful for the amazing word-of-mouth talk our parties have created (wait for it...) we're going to do something special.4 Great Years + 1 Referral = $50Work it this way:

  • Tell a friend about your party experience, they book before Election Day, you get $50*, OR
  • Book your own party between now and Election Day, you get $50 off of your party.

2 Actions x $50 =$100Like more math? Turn the $50 into $100 by...

  • Requesting a credit instead of cash to apply toward Fall II 2012 classes starting November 5, 2012.
  • Booking your own party AND referring a friend that does the same (don't worry....we have lotsa lotsa projects to choose from and we love to create party projects just for you.)

Parties can be scheduled for any available time on the calendar, the deposit just must be paid by Election Day. May not be combined with out offers or promotions.*You can take the $50 or give it to your friend to use toward the cost of their party. You can also do this more than once between now and Election Day...just make sure that they give us your name so that we know who referred them.Read our other posts about birthday parties here:Putting the "WHY?" in DIYHostess-Mostess-Goddess