Welcome to the Wishcraft Workshop

Being a working Mom myself, my email inbox is a box runneth over (when I put down the iphone and surrender to an unchecked influx.) And at Wishcraft we treasure being in touch with our community. To satisfy our own need to communicate information while being sensitive to the method by which busy people want to manage information, we have created a (gasp) blog. Once you get to know me a little bit you will understand how this contradiction is one that could have been predicted.

At Wishcraft we work to build community through craft... sort of a slow-art movement. We have created an environment in which children and adults can relax and create. It is slow and comfortable. And colorful. Most people don't want to leave once they have joined us to let their right-brain come out to play. So what am I doing creating a blog? One more thing for me to do and one more thing for people to (maybe) feel obligated to know about? Like my approach to delivering technology solutions for business in my previous careers (more about that some other day), we are leveraging the power of this technology, this racecar for the super-highway, to enable us to take back control of our lives. We'll put it out here as a service and you decide if and when to use it. And maybe, just maybe, this can become my own right-brain playtime every now and then.
Oooh- all this for just the introduction of our first blog? I promise it will be more fun next time.