We Grow Artists (or Why I Dance in Pajamas)

It's been a busy 24 hours with Summer Camp registration opening yesterday. I'm a little bleary-eyed and we're only getting started (I get up way too early, and too often), and yet I feel like dancing and singing in pajamas. Why does this entrepreneur get so excited when "starving artist" is still a label that resonates for most of us here? How much fun is it to sort through the mounds of email and phone messages that this kick-off brings? A lot of fun, and here's why:
  • I get to help a camper find their voice and express it confidently through a garment of their own design. (Project Wishcraft)
  • I get to help kids build a catapult to launch a hand-made action-figure and laugh hysterically at its arc. And then do it again. And again. (CrafTNT)
  • I get to help a girl build with a hammer and play with dolls in the same day. (Me, My Doll and I)
  • I get to help make pretend play extra-real-fun play. (Craft Picnic)
  • I get to help a camper learn the thrill of turning something used into something amazing and new and exciting and totally unique. (Do Over!, Ecosew)
  • I get to help the eyes behind a lens to see the world and themselves in new ways. (Face-simile)
  • I get to help a camper envision a space in which to dream (literally, figuratively) and make it real. (It's a Rad Rad Room)
  • I get to help little kids feel like they're being big kids while still being allowed to be little kids. (Sew Fabulous, Do Over! Jr.)
  • I get to help campers commemorate their incredible summer and all of its adventures as they prepare for another amazing school-year. (Goodbye Summer, Sew Long Summer)
  • I get to help kids discover the creative power in their heads and hands.
I don't have to. I get to. (It's all about me anyway, right?) It's pretty neat to watch kids grow, and to grow in so many ways. Summer seems to be a particularly powerful season for this, like it is for sunflowers and tomatoes.We grow artists. Lucky me.