Undercover Boss (and what she found!)

IMG_3381Every year we look for innovative ways to make your child's summer camp experience even better. When I sat in on the team's planning meetings, learning about the new projects, games and adventures, I found* I couldn't help but get overwhelmingly excited. (OVERWHELMINGLY. You've met me, right?)So we were talking, Kristina and I. (Did you know we've been working together for 8 years?) We've been doing this summer camp thing for a while now and we've grown so much, learned so much about how to do camp awesome and we've watched programs around us grow maybe too big (even we gave in a few times.) We are so inspired that we want to lead camp like the old days-- small, joyful and full of happy surprises. We think you're child will feel the same.So here's the scoop: I will be leading all Spoolhouse Rock summer camps (previously known as Project Wishcraft, Grades 3-6) and Kristina will be leading Idea Playground summer camps (Grades K-3.) Want more scoop? We've added a ton of detail to the summer camp descriptions to help you make the best decision for your child (and for them to get SO excited!)We grow artists-- creatively confident kids who approach obstacles with curiosity, unafraid to explore and even fail along the way to a solution. Creatively confident people grow up to solve problems big and small, globally and locally.STEMs need flowers.Campers learn about their world and creative voice with open-ended learning experiences in the arts that include subjects like science, social studies and math. All campers qualify to earn Chicago City of Learning STEAM-focused digital badges representing their effort and accomplishment.Small on purpose.Quality over quantity. Process over product. Campers get to know one another and our entire team: we get to know your camper, their needs and interests. We make ample space for leadership and self-advocacy skills to bloom while investing in purposeful relationships with each child, creating a comfortable learning environment for the most gregarious or shy camper. There's no way to get lost in the crowd in our camp.Do camp awesome.We take full advantage of our big, beautiful space, technology, quality materials and proximity to outdoor spaces and local businesses to stretch our minds and bodies. We delve deep into the weekly topics to inspire ideas and sharpen skills, then end each week with shows, recordings and photo shoots.summer camp 2016 promo*Know what else I found? As we grew, our website grew too and had become confusing! Do you like the beautified, SIMPLIFIED site? We're also working on some changes to the registration system. Until then, let us know if you need assistance-- we're happy to help.register for camp at wishcraft workshop