The Richest of Experiences

The internally dark days following the passing of my grandmother June Anne Stone this past week were followed immediately with the crimes of Black Friday-- pepper-spray attacks, trampling, armed robbery. Over games and electronics. Serious crimes committed because of....stuff. Then comes Cyber Monday.  Big deals on big stuff shipped from all over the place. 
I had 10 hours on the I-65 yesterday to consider the lessons to be learned from my grandmother, or at least the ones she would want me to hold and pass on. During the times in which she had not much, she gave and gave. I often didn't understand how she chose the targets of her generosity of spirit. She was a shy activist. A quietly opinionated citizen, making small contributions in whatever way she could...even when she couldn't. She gave me skills. She gave me experiences. And I made my own opinions.  
And so today, at Wishcraft, it's Fiber Funday. Because it's a silly rhyme with Cyber Monday. Because it touches on some of our favorite media (fabric, felt, yarn...touchable things that so often bring people together.) As you make plans today to spend the bounty that we have on those we cherish, consider the gift of an experience. A creative, confidence-building almost inexplicably fun and skill-building experience at our workshop filled with laughter and color and joy.  Be it a camp for Winter Break (or 2012 on one of the days when school is closed), a gift-certificate for a Winter II Session class (starting January 23, 2012) or a small-group workshop for her and her friends, we promise to make memories.  
Feed your child's creative confidence and feed someone that needs it.  Turn Cyber Monday into food.  For today*, Fiber Funday, 10% of all part- and full-day camp fees collected using our website are donated to Common Pantry.  Let's make something and share something.  Tell a pal and let's share some food and fun.
*Expires 11:59pm tonight, Monday November 28, 2011