The Awesome Summer of 2016

summer camp STEM camp art camp fashion camp technology camp architecture camp ecocamp doll camp superhero camp DIY camp maker campUn-believ-able! I say this every year-- how fast this summer season comes back around. I realize now that it's not the illusion of time moving faster but because we have always treated the experience of "summer camp" with the utmost respect it deserves. Summer break is that wondrous time when our kids seem to grow an inch and a half and develop their next version of themselves. The sandals and swims in Lake Michigan don't hurt either, but summer with kids is just amazing. And that's why we spend over 10 months of the year imagining, reflecting, thinking, planning and making it happen. You know that we do much more than camp. And we do camp AWESOME. This is what's up for 2016. #docampawesome #summernumber8

The Camps

We have fans of all ages and genders, many of whom were feeling left out once summer rolled around. We've made some adjustments so that everyone feels not just welcome but thrilled to walk in that door every morning (when we say everyone we really do mean everyone.) So, while the entire facility is used by all campers, we've opted to return to a two-camp calendar:  one set for kids ages 5-8 (or Grades K-3) and another for kids ages 8-12 (or Grades 3-6). For kids in that in-between place, we trust that you know them best and to choose the camp that will be the best environment for your child. We're always here to answer your questions so that your child gets the best we have to offer. And we're excited to hear what your favorite camp is!

Creative Camps for Grades K-3 (Ages 5-8)
art camp art supplies STEM STEAM chemistry camps chicagoMixie DustMagically mix art and chemistry. travel camp geography camp art camp for chicago kidsFly, Bobbin, FlyTravel the globe one stitch at a time. building camp art camp engineering camp for chicago kidsBlock PartyEngineer a week of wondrous architecture. eco planet friendly art camp for kids in chicagoGreenie PantsGet wild about your inner-naturalist.
science camp physics camp art camp for chicago kids STEM STEAMCreative MomentumGet going with the artistic side of science. art camp for chicago kidsHopscotch HullabalooRound up fun for the urban outdoors. doll camp superhero camp art camp for chicago kidsLittlelandiaImagine and make a universe of you. art camp science camp STEM STEAM for chicago kidsThe Doppler GangGet down with the world of sound.



Creative Camps for Grades 3-6 (Ages 8-12)
fashion camp technology camp writing camp for chicago kidsThe BloggerDesign and document your life. fashion camp art camp music camp for chicago kidsThe RockerVoice your confidence. fashion camp geography art camp in chicagoThe TravelerChart your global citizenship. fashion camp confidence camp sewing camp in chicagoThe IndependentSpeak up for your style. sewing camp art camp DIY camp for chicago kidsThe MakerDiscover your DIY attitude.


You'll see we've kept around some goodies, turned some on their head and introduced new ones. (Looking for Craft Picnic? Try Hopscotch Hullabaloo. Looking for Project Wishcraft- The Stylist? Try The Independent. Need help finding the right match? We're right here!) #STEMsneedflowers

  • Wonder what's up with this "STEM" and "STEAM" stuff? We've been up to it since we opened in 2008-- we just didn't realize that what we thought was a natural approach to learning through art and play had a special acronym. (Nor did we think it deserved to be the sole focus: we're all about STEAMPHEDHUMSEL.) So call it STEAM camp or call it art camp or call it play camp or call it camp. It's awesome whatever you call it. #docampawesome
  • What happened to Project Wishcraft and "fashion camp"? We've taken the best of what kids lovespoolhouse rock at wishcraft chicago about fashion camp and integrated it into the context of bigger, modern ideas. Fashion is a business and style is a choice. We've chosen to focus on the latter because we believe that it goes much further in supporting the development of self-esteem and a confident, creative voice. Campers still learn about design, patterning and machine-sewing but guided by their interests and in the context of the bigger idea. They learn about themselves while building confidence through self-expression.  [But until Google or Bing can recommend a good keyword that says all that, we'll stick with the word. Read about my epiphany with Stacy London and why we even called them "fashion camps" in the first place here. Or read the details of my original conversation with Stacy here.]summer 2015 machine sewing projects for kids
  • Why are we still so in love with sewing?  We always will be. Sewing is a useful skill that requires the application of math, spatial reasoning, patience, hand-eye coordination...and respect for safety while using a power tool. What's not to love? We opened in 2008 with this little idea that took off and all of our camps include sewing (machine-sewing for the older campers). Every kid we've met enjoys the creative power that sewing skills imbue. So there you have it.
  • Believe it or not, not every camper wants to play outside (despite your encouragement and our best planning). We've added outdoor activities for 2016 that are fun with a purpose by connecting to the week's activities so that everyone can get excited about venturing outside.

The Schedule

Camps are offered by the week for campers who want all we have planned-- week-long campers take on complex projects that span multiple days and we want them to have the time to finish (these are big ideas, remember.) Campers who want to drop in for the day are welcome and encouraged to register as soon as the day spots are released. We're pretty smart but we don't know how many day spots to make available until closer to the beginning of each camp week. It's a gamble (er, game!) if you'll get a spot in the camps that tickle your fancy so choose wisely, Jedi.

  • Register for week-long camps– Select a date, a camp name, an icon on the Camps page.. they will all take you to where you need to go. Week-long after-care can be booked this way, too. It’s better than GPS! Do it sooner than later and it's even sweeter (see our early-bird deals here!)
  • Register for a single day of after-camp activities—  Choose that activity from the calendar when you're ready.
  • Register for a single day of camp–  Choose that day from the calendar (just remember, single days are made available approximately 3 days before the first day of a camp week and we cannot guarantee a spot.) Buy a 5-day or 10-day pass to save a little dough over the single day price.
  • Or get a jump on things and not think about it again until June 19th: a limited number of All-Access Summer Passes are available now ( Ages 5-9 and Ages 8-12.) Talk about easy.

It's 100% paper free. If you need help, guess what? We're right here. We encourage pre-registration as camps tell to fill early. We keep it small on purpose and we think you'll be glad we did.

The Reason To Grow An Artist This Summer

joyfully interdisciplinary squareYou’re still here reading (aww, thanks!) so you probably know by now that we’re master-planners with an eye for super-duper skippers, a hand for inclusive liveliness and a magical mix of creative chaos with superlative safety so that you can drop and roll and get to whatever it is you need to do. We have it all figured out so you don’t have to.

  • We make camp convenient for you while facilitating immersive experiences that make campers jump out of bed each day.
  • We differentiate with innovative activities to encourage creative campers of every age + gender to stretch and still feel like they’re just stretching out in a beanbag.
  • We make ample space for leadership and self-advocacy skills to bloom while investing in purposeful relationships with each and every child.
  • We incorporate time outdoors in an essential way that captivates even the “do-we-have-to?” camper.
  • We celebrate our vibrant neighborhood of independent businesses to amplify learning, thinking and smiling.
  • We keep young minds fresh during the school intermission while giving them the “break” in summer break.

We look forward to seeing you soon, friends. Don't forget about the early-bird deals-- they are there for you, our creative community. Let's make something.summer camp word cloud wishcraft workshop