Sewing Stuff for Kids!

our guide to the stuff your kid seamster needs to sew at home

our guide to the stuff your kid seamster needs to sew at home

One of the questions we are asked most often? "What kind of sewing machine should I purchase for a new seamster?" We have a list of standard features that we usually share but today I decided to take it a step further and share some of our favorite tools with you. (You can even click on these images and buy the item right now if you don't have a favorite local shop!) First, our can't-live-withouts:

  • Pins and a pincushion (wearable! cute!)

  • Seam rippers (more than one as they'll need it-- we all do, sometimes)

  • Masking tape to easily mark seam allowances on the machine

  • Measuring tape

  • A table-top trash receptacle for all those little threads (trim as you go!)

  • Bodkins! You'll find so many other uses for this fun tool and will never need to use a big safety pin for a draw-string again.

  • Bias-tape makers. Using contrast bias-tape on a project is one of the fastest ways to add fun interest to an otherwise simple item.

  • Great trimming scissors and fabric shears (I once gifted the pair of straight- and pinking-shears to myself for Mother's Day...about 18 years ago and they are still my favorite and sharp as can be. Why? Because I never, ever, ever use them for anything but cutting fabric).

Of course you need something in which to store all this good stuff. I've had a box like this since I can remember and love it. A sewing basket or box can be a very personal thing. One of the features I like about this box is that the function is built-in but the design is not: you can paint it, decoupage it, permanent-marker it, sticker it...or all of the above. This is an heirloom in the making. Then comes the power tool! This machine has the same features as the Husqvarna Viking machines we use at the shop. Speed control! Top loading bobbin! Fun stitches! Great price. It even has button control making a foot pedal optional-- a great feature for those 5' and under. And Brother machines last FOREVER. Get the carrying case, too, to keep it dust free or transport it to another summer vacation location. You'll be glad you did.We probably don't need to tell you how rewarding sewing can be: creativity at play, a sense of accomplishment and pride, practicing math and engineering... So, there you have it! Get it all at once or build their tool-kit slowly (then ask them to hem your cafe curtains). Have a question about thing we've shared? Need someone to help them learn what to do with all of this good stuff?  Send us a note. Happy seaming![This page contains affiliate links for which we may receive some pennies here and there to help support the work we do in our community. Thanks for reading!