Serious Fun on the Idea Playground

11219219_10153462297884709_6597410372986452603_nRemember what summers used to be like, when there was the freedom to learn how to be a kid on the job-- playing, exploring, making messes, building friendships, finding answers then starting all over again?We’ve been thinking hard on the magic of summer and how to have a throw-back summer for the world we live in now. Summer for me has a smell, a taste, a sound. Does yours? Can you smell the paste and crayons? Feel the warm breeze as you chase your friends? Hear the hand-game songs while trying to keep the hand-clapping rhythm? Taste the sweetness of an icy-cold popsicle? Do you feel that sense of adventure and excitement?So how does our camp create these kind of delicious memories IMG_9144 (1)for your kid in a world that is very different from our childhood? Come along with me and I’ll tell you all about it (and see it in photos below!)We take the business of being a kid pretty seriously. Seriously FUN. It's like a playdate at a friends house where connections and friendships are helped along by curious questions and the space for shared interests and observations.267383_10151145259279709_37679309_nWithin the first hour of camp, everyone knows one another and the week-long laughter begins. Getting lost in the crowd just doesn't happen because there is no crowding (we're big on mission and small by choice.) Your child's curiosity has an open invitation during camp as we practice kindness and respect for one another along our creative adventure. We let confidence grow at its own pace and celebrate the things that make us unique. Kids get to be kids.1012209_10153777682309709_571241376636994815_nThe art comes first, followed by fun connections to other ideas for organic learning. Idea Playground camps include a mix of mediums and techniques. Campers build skills and infuse their projects with their own ideas whether its with paint, hand-sewn felt or clay. Through art kids find self-awareness, spontaneity, and a balance of silliness with serenity. We provide kiddos the space to value the process and to have pride in a product that is wholly their own. #creativecuriousconfidentWanna know what else we do? (Candice shared some of these in her note last week too!)

  • practice creative problem-solving, spatial reasoning, patience and hand-eye coordination.
  • make ample space for leadership and self-advocacy skills to bloom while investing in purposeful relationships with each child.
  • incorporate time outdoors in a way that supports the week's theme and captivates even the “do-we-have-to?” camper.
Are you excited to learn more about the 2016 schedule? Have you heard about Mixie Dust, Greenie Pants, Littlelandia, Hopscotch Hullabaloo, Fly Bobbin Fly, The Doppler Gang, Block Party and Creative Momentum? We are ready to bring you this summer’s most joyous blend of art and creative play. #STEMsneedflowersDon’t hesitate to get in touch with us because we’d love to tell you more about it. I can’t wait to meet (or see again) your kiddo this summer.Play on!Kristinaps- As we grew over the years, our website grew too and had become confusing! Do you like our beautified, SIMPLIFIED site? We're also working on some changes to the registration system. Until then, let us know if you need assistance-- we're happy to help.pps- We know the cost of camp adds up fast. We're offering payment plans for families registering for summer membership or 2+ camps. Contact us to make arrangements should you need them. We hope this makes it a little easier to give your child the experience they want and you want for them.