Say Hello To Amanda Shell

adult craft workshop teensSay hello to a new program for teens and adults featuring Amanda Shell, your guide in a feel-great creative adventure. Participants will learn new techniques and spend some time with an amazing group of people while getting to know themselves and each other a little better through art. Sounds fun, right? But wait. Let me tell you a little about this sparkle-fairy that is Amanda.Amanda and I met on Roscoe Street as part of our commitment to cross-promoting and partnering with local businesses. We first spent a few minutes on the phone together but it was hard to hang up. Then I met her in person and it was hard to leave (and now I'm lucky to have her as my neighbor!) In addition to to her talent as a painter and otherwise artistically enlightened human, Amanda has a knack for helping anyone and everyone find their special sauce and igniting it with a firecracker. Kaboom. Glitter fireworks. No joke.In addition to her colorful painting frenzies, Amanda enjoys coffee, street art, unicorns, Instagram and finding little surprises where she least expects them. Lean more about her art that kicks your heart here and come join us in The Makers Spot for what promises to be a weekday eve like no other.The Makers Spot meets the first and third Thursdays of the month, 630pm-8pm. Find more details here.