Pretty Ugly (or, what happened to Project Wishcraft fashion camp?)

summer 2015 machine sewing projects for kidsDear Parents,You might wonder, "what happened to Project Wishcraft. Where did fashion camp go?"Here's the big surprise: other than the names, there really isn't a change at all! Ask any Project Wishcraft camper from 2008-2015 and they can probably tell you what we've always told them--  fashion is a business and style is a choice. And we chose to focus on the latter because we believe that it supports the development of self-esteem and a confident, creative voice.What if kids could courageously develop their identity and make a life that incorporates a balance of self-awareness, big ideas and a personal style that feels good and right without the struggle? That's why we're here.kid-made camp shirt on a camperWe've taken the best of what kids love about "fashion camp" (design! patterning! SEWING!) and integrated it into the context of some big, fun ideas. We will always be in love with sewing: a useful skill that requires the application of math, spatial reasoning, patience, hand-eye coordination...and respect for safety while using a power tool. What's not to love? We opened in 2008 with this little idea that took off and all of our camps, 2016 included, incorporate sewing (machine-sewing for the older campers, hand-sewing for the younger kids.) Every student we've met enjoys the creative power that sewing skills imbue. So there you have it.Spoolhouse Rock 2016 campers learn about design, patterning and machine-sewing, guided spoolhouse rock at wishcraft chicagoby their interests and alongside concepts like global citizenship and the DIY movement. Campers learn about history, sociology and how our choices represent ourselves. They learn about technology, math and engineering. And they learn a lot about themselves while building confidence through self-expression.So, goodbye "fashion camp". I’ve wrestled with you long enough. And a big thank you to Stacy LondonStacy and Me who helped me get clear on what our programs are really about. But until Google or Bing can recommend a good keyword that says what I want to say, you may find us using that fashion-word every now and again. [Read the details of my conversation with Stacy here.]Are you ready to learn more about the 2016 schedule? Have you heard about The Blogger, The Maker, The Independent, The Rocker and The Traveler? Do you have questions for us? We hope you'll get in touch because we really like to talk about what we're up to and why. #docampawesomeLove,Candice