My 4-Letter Words

WISH is a 4-letter word. So is FEAR. And you probably have your own favorites for moments of frustration and moments of joy. Being an entrepreneur* brings with it a roller-coaster of 4-letter words, starting with RISK, TIME, and CASH on their one-way streets.  But when I STOP and allow myself the moments to GIVE back to the community that has supported us through our first 3 years (Yes! We just celebrated our 3rd Birthday!), it feels GOOD.
(Thanks to those of you that ask and remind us of the opportunity to help your school or your non-for-profit. The gift-certificates are on their way!)

At the workshop we have been preparing for a craft event next weekend (which involves a lot of MAKE) that pays us nothing but the opportunity to MEET like-minded artisans, crafticionados and their kids and KNOW, if for even just a few moments with each, the child-like excitement that comes with the experience of making something by HAND. That's RICH. We hope to see you there, where "Wish is a 4-Letter Word" will be the project we bring to the KIDS' area. You'll have to come visit to see what we mean. Have your kids start thinking about their list of 4-letter words and get there early to sign-up for a good time-slot to MEET us. 

Until then, I'll be focusing on the better half of my 4-letter word mind-stock, reminding myself that even when the entrepreneurial roller-coaster dips into places that are DARK, tomorrow there is always the GLEE, the HOPE, the LOVE (and in the case of the upcoming few months, CAMP and hopefully some LUCK) that comes with my WISH of crafting a space in which anyone can learn to feel powerfully and playfully creative, solving problems aesthetic, functional and practical. ONCE we HAVE THAT, WHAT CAN'T be DONE?  
Thanks to my daughter Lulu for the following list to help anyone that gets stuck with their list.  We probably don't want my son's list this afternoon as he does his homework.
Wish   Love   Hope   Make   Good   Food   Bake   Live   Give   Life   Know   Glad   Glue (ha!)   Play   Home   Book   Band   Rock   Baby   Felt   Yarn   Time   Knit   Draw   Cozy   Fame

*see Crain's Chicago Business blog to find a great article by Carol Roth about the 5 myths (and one truth) of entrepreneurship. My blog's inability to successfully link to it is beyond the luddite lurking within.