Mummy, Don't Throw That Away (No Boo Hoo's)

Kid-Made Kid-Friendly Mummy
Take some of the boo hoo out of the boo! with a sweet-looking and kinda cuddly stuffed mummy to make with your kids. At the workshop we have just about anything you need to make just about anything. To make a wish. To make something. But what if you have no supplies? Do you have printer paper sitting in your recycling bin and a smidge of cello-tape? How about a crayon? We promise this won't be too scary for busy parents, either.

The Supplies

  • 2-3 pieces 8.5"x11" used printer paper (printed on one side)
  • Cellophane tape
  • Colored pencil/crayon/marker/eyeliner....
  • Scissors (or not)
  • (really, that's all!)
The Operation
(Step 1) Crumpled Paper

1.  Crumple up two pieces of paper. Unfold and crumple them up again. The crumpling step is done when the pieces are soft and pliable. Set one piece aside.  
2.  Fold one crumpled piece of paper in half hamburger style (i.e. cross-wise, or fold the 11" side to make two halves that measure 8.5"x5.5"). On this paper sketch a squared-off oval mummy-like shape. 
3.  With the paper still folded, cut (or rip) out the mummy shape. This will yield two mummy-shaped pieces. Trim one of the pieces so that it is slightly smaller than the other.
4.  Draw a friendly face on the blank side of the larger of the two mummy shapes.

(Step 5) Folding + Taping

5.  With blank sides facing outward (i.e. printed sides touching), fold the edges of the larger shape around the edges of the smaller shape and affix with tape.

(Step 6+7) Stuffing the Mumm6. 

6.  Take the third piece of paper and rip it into smallish pieces. Wad these up into little balls to be used as stuffing.
7.  Stuff the mummy and close the opening with tape.
8.  Remember the remaining soft and pliable piece of paper? Rip that paper lengthwise into slim strips (about .5" wide).

(Step 9) Wrapping the Mummy

9.  Starting on the back-side, tape down the end of a paper-strip and begin wrapping the mummy. Tape strips together to make enough to wrap the mummy to your satisfaction.

Not too scary, right? Please enjoy a safe and silly Halloween.