Just Grow With It

I was reading through a post from last year and, for as much as we like to evolve our programs to meet the needs and wants of our creative community, was reminded that some things about our business don't seem to change at all. Preparing for Summer Camp (or Spring Break, Winter Break, a day when school is just closed...) is as much fun for us as it's ever been. It's a lot of fun, and here's why:
  • I get to create an environment that welcomes spontaneous acts of silliness. And then do it again. And again.
  • I get to help a camper find their voice and express it confidently through their personal style and a garment of their own design. (Project Wishcraft)
  • I get to help a girl build and play with dolls all in the same day. (All Dolled Up)
  • I get to watch new friendships happen. Numbers exchanged. Even Skype IDs (for our campers from Italy, Spain, England...from where will they hail this year?)
  • I get to help make pretend play extra-real-fun play. (Feltville, Sewn Silly)
  • I get to help a camper kick-off their summer with beach-side fashion that they made themselves. (Tip Top Tops, Curtsy Skirtsy)
  • I get to help campers see the world and themselves in new ways.
  • I get to help a camper envision a space in which to dream (literally, figuratively) and make it real. (Rad Rad Room)
  • I get to help little kids feel like they're being big kids while still being allowed to be little kids. (Sew Fabulous)
  • I get to help campers commemorate their incredible summer and all of its adventures as they prepare for another amazing school-year. (Hi School, Bye Summer and Sew Long Summer)
  • I get to help kids discover their creative confidence and grow with it.
  • And this year I get to welcome new partners to our Summer Camp programs, keeping it local and creating an even richer experience for the campers. (Well really we started this with CRUSH last year and it was so successful that we've sought additional businesses to join in the fun.)

It's pretty neat to watch kids grow, and to grow in so many ways. Summer seems to be a particularly powerful season for this, like it is for sunflowers and tomatoes. We grow artists. Lucky me.