Girls Do Rock, Indeed!

I was spotted this week wearing a t-shirt for another organization's summer camp. It was red. It had a new hem-line and floral fabric trim that I added. And it said Girls Rock! Chicago on it. I admit it felt funny at times taking my time away from our own Wishcraft Workshop camps to develop lesson plans and materials for another camp but who was I cheating? Not a one.529339_623685028327_751021503_nThis week I led a workshop about The Art and (Computer) Science of Self-Promotion for musicians. We talked about safety in a digital world. We talked about the art of branding with color and type. We talked about some of the ways that the public makes assumptions based on things they can see and hear about us. Really spunky and engaged 11-14 year-olds took the mic I offered and sang "come listen to my music" in a style that they interpreted from nothing more than a font or a color palette that I offered for inspiration (which was hilarious, super-insightful and an awesome display of bravery and trust.) Wow.Later in the day I helped some fellow Counselors/Instructors with a Media Literacy workshop for 8-10 year-olds. We dissected magazine advertising. We talked about who runs major media companies (not US.) We analyzed how well a magazine like "Girl's Life" really represented the interests of these girls' lives (not well at all.) Not shy to contribute, these young campers told us that what they saw in the magazines (or on TV, in the movies, on their computers) was "sad" and "disgusting". But I wasn't sad. I was exhilarated.In the span of a few hours 60+ young women became more media literate, learned more about confident self-promotion and saw how marketing and gender-equity can co-exist in a just and authentic way than most grown-ups. Good job, Girls Rock! Chicago. I'm honored to rock my part.