Clean Teeth or a Clean Sink?

You would think with all of the new miracle toothpastes, there would be one that could deliver clean teeth and a clean sink (and taste good, and have no HFCS, like Tom's or Burt's- thanks guys.) The thought came to me as I scrubbed away a little chunk of paste left by my son, as I was tempted to call him back to the sink to see the evidence and learn a little something. But I thought twice- pick your battles. Dare I layer on one more responsibility when getting the teeth brushed was already a big win? Not today.

It's funny how something as little as an encounter with toothpaste can skew your entire day. We have been working fast and lovingly to prepare our new space for our after-school program, and even with the best of project plans, the scope of planned work that can be squeezed into a tiny little timeframe shrinks as little surprises pop up (and if only the little surprises could have been as easy to erase as a little toothpaste.) But we pick our battles. All of the large work is done, and the first pieces of art are on the walls, but the closets.....oh. We are blessed with a ton of storage room in the new space- something we couldn't say for the first floor of the workshop- but they threaten to become little black-holes of craft and hardware. The closets, and all of the other now seemingly insignificant line-items on the project plan, will wait for another day as we throw all of our energy into creating the most incredible after-school experience we can for an amazing group of kids. Nothing is more important.