Buckle Up!

Tonight's the night. The last weekend evening before the excitement of Summer Camp 2012. As I buckle my seat-belt, snap on my helmet and prepare my personal mister (we do have great AC, I'm just hooked on facial mist) for the roller-coaster of creative adventure ahead, I looked back at some of my thoughts from February of this year. It's going to be a lot of fun, and here's why:
  • I get to help a camper find their voice and express it confidently through a garment of their own design. (Project Wishcraft)
  • I get to help kids build a catapult to launch a hand-made action-figure and laugh hysterically at its arc. And then do it again. And again. (CrafTNT)
  • I get to help a girl build with a hammer and play with dolls in the same day. (Me, My Doll and I)
  • I get to help make pretend play extra-real-fun play. (Craft Picnic)
  • I get to help a camper learn the thrill of turning something used into something amazing and new and exciting and totally unique. (Do Over!, Ecosew)
  • I get to help the eyes behind a lens to see the world and themselves in new ways. (Face-simile)
  • I get to help a camper envision a space in which to dream (literally, figuratively) and make it real. (It's a Rad Rad Room)
  • I get to help little kids feel like they're being big kids while still being allowed to be little kids. (Sew Fabulous, Do Over! Jr.)
  • I get to help campers commemorate their incredible summer and all of its adventures as they prepare for another amazing school-year. (Goodbye Summer, Sew Long Summer)
  • I get to help kids discover the creative power in their heads and hands.

It's pretty neat to watch kids grow, and to grow in so many ways. Summer seems to be a particularly amazing season for this, like it is for sunflowers and tomatoes. We grow artists. Lucky me. Let's make something.

photo from http://meijosjoy.blogspot.com/