Love It Twice And Win for Earth Day 2014

It all started for us at the workshop in 2008 with a big load of recyclables, a few sewing machines and an odd lot of supplies collected over the years, the origin of which I couldn't even begin to name. Our very first class was "EcoCraft" and through it we met many new friends in our neighborhood and awakened a new way to look at every day things (see photo of an early EcoCraft project Recycled Guitar, an early EcoCraft project made at The Wishcraft Workshop in Chicago utilizing a laundry detergent bottle, a bottle cap, a cord to an old electronic gadget and more.) It wasn't rocket science-- pre-school teachers have been soliciting and repurposing toilet paper tubes for as long as I can remember--  but it was, and is, fun. Once we start looking at the packaging around us (a lot of which is unnecessary but much of which is in order to deliver the products that we now depend on in a safe and hygienic way) with upcycle-eyes it can become a very fun game, a challenge to consider how one thing can morph into another (and bonus points for when it becomes useful again like some of the ideas here.) Some of my personal favorite maybe-extraneous-but-fun packaging includes the clear plastic interior lid that comes with many deodorants and the orange molded plastic pieces that protect printer ink cartridges. Add those to a lonely, disposable recyclable water bottle and you've got big happy lips and fun orange arms for a play robot.Recycling recyclables is always the right answer. Playing with them creatively in the meantime, even better.

Love It Twice and Win Contest for Earth Day 2014

To celebrate our earliest days and Earth Day 2014 we're having a contest. Post a photo to our Facebook page (or email them to hello[at]wishcraftworkshop[dot]com and we will post them for you) of your child's favorite creation that uses 75%+ recycled packaging (no names please for your child's privacy.) It can be a new project or something made long ago. Submit your photo by midnight on April 22, 2014. We will open voting to the public on April 23 and the criterion is simple: most innovative use of pre-used packaging. The winner will receive a 2014 punch-card for Summer Crafternoons or The Pincushion Social Club (depending on their age) for them and a friend worth $180. Any questions, send them our way,