Seriously, Mom? Summer Camp for Tweens + Teens

IMG_0057Them: "But I'm going to be the oldest one!"You: "It's going to be fine. It's fun. You'll love it." (Because you know you're right. )Us: Hello there Sewphisticate! I know it’s early and there are other older kids here who probably feel a little groggy, too. Do you recognize that camper? Yes! It happens every week-- SURPRISE! here's your BFF from sleep-away camp last year or this year's soccer season.We're glad you brought your music (we're excited to have you introduce us to your fave bands!) Every year we switch it up and now we have a whole room for older kids to hang out, read, listen to music or check IG and Snapchat.READY, SET, SEW! You’ll be making a complete outfit and, because you're older, the sky and 5-days are the limits on your design! Friday we have a photo-shoot and soon you'll meet an expert who can teach you a little something or other. You've figured out that we "snuck" math, engineering and social studies stuff into some of the activities. We've heard it's pretty cool to share what you know with your friends.You've had a busy day-- maybe it was fashion illustration, developing a brand and storefront design, painting a textile, styling a friend or merchandising at CRUSH. It's 3pm: some campers stay for Pincushion Social Club and others take off (if you're ready and your parents agree, ask us about a walking permission slip.) The day is young and it's not dark until after 9pm! We'll see you tomorrow![Find out more about Summer Camp here..]