Oh, To Be 5 (or 6) Again!

What's it like to be a young camper at Wishcraft Workshop?

Wishcraft is the best love note from a camperGood Morning [insert name here]*! Welcome to Camp! (I see them, too. There are big kids here but we've got you.) Let's meet the other campers in your group and make friends. You see? You're your own unique person and also have lots in common with other campers. Maybe you've been here before or maybe you're new but we'll always help you find a friend that feels like you do. Now, shake off the sleepies and get ready for a day full of creative fun by playing some funny games (Yes! We make up our own games and so can you if you want to!) We're so glad that you found one of your favorite snacks here! (Was it Kind, Clif Kid, GoGo squeeZ or Annie's Naturals?)Let's learn some new techniques and make something amazing. You have your own ideas and we're just here to help when you need it. Need a break? Want to read a book (we have a sweet little library), listen to your favorite music or just relax and stay cool? Some campers will be picked up at 3pm and others stay later-- we have it all worked out with your parents and caregivers so find your new friends and have fun. We'll see you tomorrow!register for camp at wishcraft workshop[Find out more about Summer Camp here..]* We really are #smallonpurpose. Knowing your campers name is important to us.