Confident Independent Youth

how does a kid grow kind and strongWhat is one of the first skills we are compelled to develop for ourselves, one that parents and educators nurture to set the groundwork for a child's growth and success? Independence. It starts with a "do it myself", the courage to try, absent of concern over the outcome. It is fundamental to everything that comes after it.We take our job of growing citizens, youth who have the confidence to make independent choices and who remain curious, creative problem-solvers, quite seriously while doing the work quite playfully. How do we get the job done?


Yep. We build independence by relying on its cousin, interdependence. It breaks down like this:Our independent self values being unique, making a contribution, being heard and influencing others. Our interdependent self thrives on the support of personal relationships, authentic connections and lots of communication. Wishcraft Workshop's focus on self-awareness and social-emotional skills supports the whole package.So how does a kid grow strong like a vine? Scaffolding. A rung to reach for. A support when they need it. And an open design that supports the vines growth in any which direction.Our role in class and camp goes beyond creating an open-ended environment of trust and respect for each child. Our team is the scaffolding. Our camp programs encourage and support the reach for that next rung, and we’re there when a challenging question or kind prompt is all that’s needed to get the climb back under way. We’re the springy net under the trapeze, flexing to allow for a brave stretch or a fall while ensuring no one wipes out.Our integrated approach helps grow the emotional intelligence and confidence required for a child to happily shine on their own and as part of a team. Healthy competition, healthy creative problem-solving, healthy conflict-resolution and healthy collaboration. Kinda like prep for the real world.It’s why we’ve always chosen to value the process over the product. Building skills and people-growing takes time and practice, and we joyously celebrate the learning that comes from experimentation and mistake-making, exploration and mastery.Enrolling your kids in any of our programs means they’ll take away new friends, neat accomplishments and the know-how to navigate sticky situations. We unteach creative inhibition. Want to come talk about it? We’ve got a whole series of Open Houses coming up. Choose an event here to RSVP.Grow Artists. Grow Thinkers. Grow Citizens.