Fashion Camp with Conscience at the Spoolhouse Rock

fashion camp sewing camp design camp in chicagoI've written quite a bit over the years about the word "fashion", the culture that surrounds it and our approach to using it as a tool for learning and fun in summer fashion camp. Yeah, I'm still thinking about the word."Fashion" the noun is defined with words like popular trend and acceptable. Want to know something interesting? "Fashion" the verb is defined as "to create something, using the hands or the imagination". Hmm.So what makes ours a fashion camp with conscience, with heart and with soul? Stick with me here and I'll show camp sewing camp design camp in chicagoWe talk about the business of fashion and deftly navigate important issues including media literacy, body image and the environmental impact of fast-fashion culture. Then, with a smile, we turn our attention to style because we believe this supports the development of a confident, creative voice. Our campers explore their world through a fashion camp sewing camp design camp in chicagojoyous, well-planned experience that is somehow often also silly and spontaneous and that incorporates a balance of self-awareness, big ideas and personal choice. And when confidence is still locked inside we're that sweet place to let it grow and shine.620576_10151042885924709_1161692292_oBut what about the clothes? We design, drape and pattern from scratch. We machine-sew, merchandise and accessorize. And we weave in open-ended learning experiences in the arts and connect to subjects like science, social studies and math.All Spoolhouse Rock camps include a machine-sewing project(s) of their own design be it a hoodie, a guitar strap, a messenger bag or a complete outfit (guess which most kids choose!) They decide. Campers can design for themselves or a friend: add 10690213_10152838681849709_8015217524614596667_nmeasurements and math to design and we can make almost anything. This approach creates a meaningful process that yields results of genuine pride over perfection.10984079_10153425835979709_4461586151016995898_nAll in one week? Yep. #docampawesome. Here's what else we do:

  • consider the idea of how we dress and present ourselves alongside concepts like global citizenship, the DIY movement, history and sociology.
  • learn about science, technology, math and engineering and the role they play in how products are made. #STEMsneedflowers
  • practice creative problem-solving, spatial reasoning, patience, hand-eye coordination and respect for safety while using a power tool.
  • make ample space for leadership and self-advocacy skills to bloom while investing in purposeful relationships with each child.
  • fashion camp sewing camp design camp in chicagoincorporate time outdoors in a way that supports the week's theme and captivates even the “do-we-have-to?” camper.
  • celebrate our vibrant neighborhood of independent businesses to amplify learning and stretch our minds and bodies.
  • delve deep into the weekly topics to inspire ideas and sharpen skills, then end each week with a photo shoot that celebrates each individual in an age-appropriate way.
How do we do it? We're big on mission and "small on purpose." We keep our camps small so that campers get to know one another and our entire team: we get to know your camper, their needs and interests. There’s no way to get lost in the camp sewing camp design camp in chicagoAre you ready to learn more about the 2016 schedule? Have you heard about The Blogger, The Maker, The Independent, The Rocker and The Traveler? We're certain there is nothing better on the runway of life than a confident smile and we genuinely love creating and delivering immersive experiences that make campers jump out of bed each day. We hope you’ll get in touch because we really like to talk about it.[see the photo gallery below or click here for a slideshow]