We Forgot About The Fashion Parties

fashion birthday parties and sewing birthday partiesWe talk a lot about growing things-- artists, thinkers, citizens, innovators. We grow our own ideas into reality. We help grow students' small dreams into big dreams. It’s a big part of why we started offering fashion camps in 2008 (hint: it wasn't just to grow fashion designers). We love watching the gears turn during the design process and teaching techniques that turn a 2-D sketch into a machine-sewn feat of engineering. The look of proud wonder and achievement on a camper’s face is pretty neat, too.As a business and as individuals, we intentionally model a process that allows us to reflect, learn, innovate and grow.summer leadership program for teens in chicago And upon reflection on each year we see the esteem-positive results of unteaching the ways of traditional fashion. Fashion is a business. Style is a choice. We like business and we really like choices (so much that we’ve blended our entrepreneurial program with our summer leadership program for teens). But we’ve been focused on infusing that choice into our other programs and totally forgot about parties.

We Forgot About The Parties

Funny story: birthday parties were not part of our original business model. Well, that changed pretty quickly! Our website was the first public footprint of our business in September of 2008 and, lucky for us, a parent in a nearby neighborhood found us online. Before we were even open. I gave her a tour of the space (I was in the midst of laying the new flooring when she came by- DIY!) and asked her to imagine what it might look like a few weeks from that moment. This is how we booked our first birthday party. Then, in 2009, we won the Nickelodeon Parents' Picks Award for Best Kid's Party Place in Chicago. There was no turning back!So why hadn't birthday parties been on my radar? Seems like a huge miss. It came down to three words: Club Libby Lu. I'll admit it. I gave my own daughter a CLL party. It was at a time when my corporate career had me zig-zagging time-zones and my parenting was on auto-pilot. My "princess" wanted a CLL party and not just any CLL location-- the Downtown Disney princess-central location. It was easy and it is what she wanted. The latter is the only good thing I took forward into my party business.So now here we are, delivering hundreds of award-winning birthday parties for Chicago kids and selling out "fashion" clay face grass plantersummer camps every year. But we missed the intersection!  “Fashion” parties sometimes have a certain feeling to them-- they can challenge one’s esteem in a not-so-nice way. At Wishcraft Workshop we want kids to be their awesome selves, not a replica of something in a magazine or movie. So we’re breaking the mold and have added new party options* reflect that.

  • Wear glasses? Let’s machine-sew the raddest clutch with a padded pocket for your specs.
  • Got curly hair? Let’s show it off and make couture headbands.
  • Love the environment and self-care? Plan a sleepover for after we make green beauty products together. Or let’s sculpt a mini version of you as a clay planter that grows grass for hair.

We want every Wishcraft Workshop birthday guest to walk away feeling like their party was a celebration of who they are-- leaving their hearts and minds full of confidence, curiosity and creativity.Yep. We’re finally making it happen and it only took us a decade to do it. Come see why it was worth the wait.*When we say “options” we mean options! We don’t offer a menu of pre-planned projects because we want to talk with you, learn about your child and give you choices that resonate with who they are.