Land Of Nod Did Our Laundry

Wishcraft Workshop organized by Land of NodYeah. I can't even believe I am putting this dirty laundry* (in pictures no less!) out there but because we all feel so much better already it THIS was one of our classrooms. You remember the story of how we packed in one day, moved in another, unpacked on the third day and then OPENED for camp in the new space last July 2014? This squandered classroom is, or rather was, the last evidence of that dynamic upheaval that resulted in the gorgeous space we now call home, er, work. Home? You know what I mean.This Classroom FAILSSo summer is almost here (can you feel the number of days left of school like butterflies in your stomach? I sure can!) and this classroom was failing. Major F. How could we use this large, bright space for Summer Camp activities looking like that? We contacted our friends at Land of Nod for some help in getting this explosion of art supplies under control and their Stripes Around the Floor bins (you know how we feel about brightly-hued stripes!) sailed in to the rescue. You can probably imagine our sigh of relief (or excitement! Just look at Hannah's face as she takes on the organizing Hannah Starr organizing with Land of Nod binsproject!)You don't have a space that looks like our old classroom do you? Of course, you don't. But, if you were to maybe have some tiny corner (or playroom) or kids' room (or basement) that needed a little extra organizing, the sale at Land of Nod happening right now is going to be like having a private math tutor right before a test. It ends Monday, May 25, 2015 so get to the store or computer and make the grade (for less.)ps- These bins are not handbags. They are Student able to find supplies with Land of Nod binsvery cute and apropos of the coming season, however, so we understand the confusion. We're also huge fans of make-believe so there you have it. And now that our laundry is clean, so to speak, I can see how these would make adorable clothes-hampers as well.Student thinks cute Land of Nod bin is a pursepps- The wire ball bins are also pretty swell. I think I'll buy two teal bins and a table top and make this my new desk. Hmm..*The Landromat of Nod? The Landnodromat?