Why did we create Wishcraft Workshop.? In September of 2008, we rebelled. We knew there was a better way to provide arts education and we started to build it, from scratch. We were clear in our values, our vision and our mission and we wasted no time in opening the doors in that funny little building on Roscoe Street. Innovative. Independent. Driven. Readily award-winning and ready to be of service.

Where did that urgency come from? How did we go from concept to classes in five weeks? We wanted better for our own kids and for yours. We wanted to protect children from creative scars--those critical moments, easily overlooked, that change the trajectory of a child's innate creative confidence and, even more, we wanted to teach them to do this for themselves. We knew that simultaneously "teaching" art, STEM and social-emotional skills was the way to do it.

Between my experience as a parent, wife, adult-child and corporate executive I had learned something important: when we lead with our ego, progress stalls. When we lead with our creativity and curiosity, and let our ego be the fuel to make it happen, anything is possible. Wishcraft Workshop is our proof.

We value creativity, humor, observation, innovation, gratitude, kindness, inclusion, teamwork, enthusiasm, respect, resourcefulness, contribution, conservation, fun, collaboration, activism and positivity. We presume competence and value process over product. We invite joy. And we value honesty and originality.

There is no proprietary secret to our approach and it's never needed a fancy name. Ask us about it and we're an open book. Why? Because we started a revolution, a movement to grow confident artists, curious thinkers and kind citizens, and positive change happens when we share our holistic philosophy and our connected-learning practice with you.

We set out to create and deliver skill, confidence, and character building creative experiences of exceptional quality that spark curiosity, delight kids, and support you and our community. (Yep, that's the mission.) It starts with the artAnd it ends with your child:

  • confidently sharing their ideas

  • curiously pursuing their spark

  • growing self-awareness and learning to self-advocate

  • getting excited and being comfortable in their classroom when they recognize a subject they've already explored

  • developing independence and leadership skills

  • being compassionate, resourceful, patient…

Some of you have known us a while, or maybe you just discovered us. Either way, you'll find we're (still) independent and will always value "local"*. We're still big on mission and intentionally small (hint--this means camps sell out). We continue investing in purposeful relationships with each child. We take full advantage of our beautiful space (in a vintage building with a history of its own), quality materials and proximity to outdoor spaces to stretch our minds and bodies. We celebrate our vibrant neighborhood and network of experts to amplify learning and connections.

At Wishcraft Workshop, children grow their creative voice with differentiated experiences in the arts, sciences and social-emotional skills, building the capability and compassion needed to create opportunity and solve problems big and small, globally and locally. We play with wave-length and stitch-length, flexibility and miscibility, automation and celebration, parallelism and pointillism, citizenship and artisanship... We learn with open-ended projects of our own design (no stickers or pre-fab here; it starts with art), get kinda messy, make new friends and know every child by name. 

We believe STEMs need flowers and help kiddos from around the world grow character, confidence and curiosity with adventurous creative experiences including art classes (and crafting-building-making classes), camps, sewing lessons, tutoring, birthday parties and after-school programs. We operate with a culture of non-judgment and believe in the capabilities of your student, however wonderfully different we all are. Our focus on self-awareness builds confidence and respect, develops self-regulation and self-advocacy and strengthens conflict-resolution and communication skills. Students learn technique and about the arts while practicing problem-solving, critical-thinking and other important life skills, applying literacy, math, science, technology and engineering to the creative activities they enjoy, full STEAM ahead.

We appreciate you have a choice in deciding where and with whom your kiddos spend their time, and we appreciate your commitment to shopping independent, local businesses like ours.

Who is the artist? They are. You are. Will you join us? We WISH you would.

Best Creatively Confident Wishes,

*ask me why we turn away opportunities to franchise, even when we thought it sounded like a neat idea. I'm right here.

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